Support for Communities

Sexual violence and sexual harassment don't only affect the individuals involved, it impacts the entire community. These workshops and facilitated conversations aim to help groups and communities improve their environment, support each other, and heal. 

The PATH to Care Center offers healing circles, workshops, and consultations to any campus entity. They have expertise in healing and trauma informed reposnses. Other campus resources specialize in certain populations as listed below. 

The PATH to Care Peer Educators offer workshops for student groups and organizations that center around culture change. 

Equity and Inclusion offers workshops and consultations designed to improve the culture and cooporation in academic units. 

The Staff Ombuds Office offers workshops and consultations are especially suited for staff groups.

Your community deserves support!

If you are looking for support for you department, sports team, student organization, office, etc. that has experienced an incident of sexual violence, you can contact the PATH to Care Center or Sharon Inkelas to help plan a healing event specific to your circumstance. 

Sharon Inkelas can be reached at

PATH to Care can be reached at

E & I can be reached at

Staff Ombuds can be reached at (510) 642-7823 (2-STAF).